Monday 24 June 2019

missing parent box 3

On the evening of the 22nd June one of the birds in box 3 did not return. So there is just the lone parent there now to bring up the three young. They are making good progress and taking up all the space in the nest now, we just hope the lone parent manages to feed them enough to get them to fledging, which should be around 26th July onwards. We estimate that the egg in box 1 will hatch around the 3rd July. Things are looking pretty dire around here, we are seeing very few swifts and there have been no screaming parties doing fly-pasts of our boxes or entering any of them. We just hope that they do eventually turn up…it’s all very quiet here and if there are no last year's youngsters about it's not looking good for next year. Here are box 3 chicks this morning:

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