Monday 29 May 2023

A third egg laid this morning. We should see some youngsters arrive around the 14th June, all being well:


Saturday 27 May 2023

Thursday 25 May 2023

We have an egg!

 Good news, our pair in Box 3 laid an egg this morning. Looking forward to seeing some more over the next couple of days:


Thursday 18 May 2023

Yesterday our swift’s partner came back so both birds roosted in Box 3 last night, hooray!  Two days later than last year. They’ve been flying around the house today, (just the two of them) and they seem to have made themselves at home. Here’s a video from yesterday evening:


Thursday 11 May 2023

The first of our swifts finally arrived last night in Box 3, just one day late. Hopefully it's partner will turn up shortly or if not it'll find another one. Last year they managed to raise 3 young so we hope they'll have the same success this year. Maybe we'll get some takers for the other boxes, we still have four empty ones which were unused last year - it would be nice to think that perhaps we'll get the start of another colony at some stage! Here's our lone parent at the still in-situ nest from last year: