Monday 15 August 2016

All gone now.

Our parent bird returned to the nest that evening after the second swiftlet had departed. She stayed for just the one night, snuggled into the nest all on her own. Normally she's at the bottom, with the two swiftlets on top of her!

So, it's all over. All that's left is for me to get up a ladder, do a bit of exterior maintenance to the boxes (just a lick of exterior varnish over the exposed parts) and have a clean up of the inside of box 2 which is a total mess right now. Then it's close up the entrances with some gorilla tape for the winter to stop any sparrows or starlings making their homes in there next spring.

Cley Swifts will not update now until next May. So do visit us again around the 4th May hopefully to see who returns to us for next years's season!

Saturday 13 August 2016


The empty nest. He's gone. He left some time between 4.30 and 7.30 pm. We've checked the garden again to make sure he's not crash landed anywhere. A sad day for us, but happy for our swifts, they both fledged successfully despite having only one parent caring for them most of the time. It'll be interesting to see if the parent comes back to roost in the box tonight, or any other night. We will keep you updated for the time being....

Friday 12 August 2016

Still here

Our second swiftlet is still in the box today, he's been looking out of the entrance but hasn't quite plucked up the courage to take the leap yet. The parent bird has been in briefly this evening to feed and he seemed just as keen as ever. He's been practising his press-ups again today as can be seen in the following video, where you can see how he also fans out his tail and waggles it about. It's a good thing there's plenty of room in the boxes, I don't know how they would manage in a more restricted place like under a roof tile!

Thursday 11 August 2016

One has flown!

There were two swiftlets in the nest this morning first thing. Then some time between about 10am and lunchtime, one of the two swiftlets fledged. Sadly we didn't get to see the exit but we did check all around the garden just in case it didn't managed to stay in the air. No sign. One gone, one to go! Here's our one lonely swiftlet left in box 2. And just look at the mess of that box! Somebody's going to have to do some housekeeping shortly....

Wednesday 10 August 2016

And they're still here! Still been practising their press-ups. I was watching this yesterday so try this:  lay on your tummy on  the ground with your arms spread wide, then push on your hands and at the same time try to raise your bum in the air and waggle it about...not easy!

Here are our two this evening, still not wanting to leave the box but happy to enjoy the view.

Monday 8 August 2016

They're still with us! One of the swiftlets is currently looking out of the entrance after having stretched it's wings a bit.

It's now 7.30 in the evening, so I don't know whether it might fly tonight as I gather most young swifts fledge some time during early morning. We shall see....

Sunday 7 August 2016

The swiftlets are five weeks old today and still with us. Still practising their wing flaps and occasionally peering out of the entrance, and still being fed by the single parent bird. We wonder how much longer it'll be before they leave, surely only a couple of days or so now?

Saturday 6 August 2016

Apologies for the short break in 'transmission' are here and not a lot of spare time! Anyway, our two swifltets are still with us this morning, one of them has been practising press-ups and wing flaps. The other one doesn't seem that interested yet. They're still franticly taking food from the parent bird so a few days to go yet I would think. Not looking forward to the day when they fledge....

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Last night there was nobody in box 3 again so looks like they have finally gone. Today the young swifts in box 2 have been practising their press-ups. Not long to go now.....

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Another quiet day, the swift in box 3 stayed all night but was gone by breakfast time. Our two young swiftlets in box 2 ventured out of the nest today and sat by the entrance peering out at the world.

They have also been practising flapping their wings, so I guess it won't be long before they leave us now.

Monday 1 August 2016

Last night just the parent bird and the two swiftlets in box 2 roosted. Today, we had a visit to box 3 briefly, and now the bird is back again to roost. What a surprise ... it seems to have made itself comfortable and is sticking more feathers down in the nest. I have no idea whether this is one of the regular box 3 pair returned or if it's a new bird. It'll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow night!

 Here is a closer shot of our box 3 bird looking quite at home in the nest.