Saturday 29 June 2019

29th June

We had a visit from Dick Newell on the 26th  June, along with his Swift Workshop clients, to see our swifts as part of their talk which Dick gave at Cley Visitor Centre as part of the Swift Awareness Week. We could just about fit them all into our small living room and we were able to show them the three youngsters in box 3 which were on their own at the time of the visit, but luckily the parent bird came in to feed whilst everyone was there so that was nice for them to see. They also saw Box 1 still sitting on their one egg - there are still two adult birds and the second egg is still out of the nest as we haven’t been able to get it back in.  Box 3 youngsters are still making good progress despite only having one parent to feed them, here they are this afternoon, rather fidgetty presumably because they're feeling a bit warm in today's heat!

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