Monday 26 June 2023

 Here's the latest video of our three youngsters with one of the parent birds...they're getting bigger now!

Saturday 24 June 2023

24th June.We definitely have three youngsters now and are able to see them, here is a video taken this morning whilst both parents were out finding food. 


There are very few swifts being seen around here though, virtually none and certainly no prospectors around our boxes, so our pair are on their own! 

Wednesday 21 June 2023

We think we now have three chicks, although we’re not able to see them very well as yet, as as one the parents is on the nest all the time. However, here’s a short video we were able to get this morning:


Sunday 18 June 2023

Yesterday morning we saw the first sign of a chick, which was a broken eggshell in the corner of the box. We’ve not as yet been able to get sight of the chick/s yet though. We just hope that the adults are able to find enough food to keep the feeding going.