Friday 26 July 2019

We noticed last night that box 3 has had a bit of a clear out. Oh well, it'll save us having to do it at the end of the season! The dead swift has gone, and also, rather surprisingly, the complete nest. It's just like an empty box now with just the adult and the one remaining youngster in it. Maybe they were feeling the heat and just got rid of all the bedding as well!

This morning the youngster in box 3 was at the entrance looking out, I think it'll be away very shortly.

Meanwhile, in box 1 things are the same, the two adults and the one youngster still present, here they are last night:

They were feeling the heat too, the youngster was seen to be gasping at times.

Thursday 25 July 2019

A quick update. In box 3, one of the two young has now fledged, leaving us with one adult and one youngster. In box 1, both parents are still here as is their  youngster.

Monday 22 July 2019

Just returned from a few weeks away, so here's the latest update. Box 1's single egg has now hatched (we never did manage to get the second egg back into the nest as one of the parent birds was always in residence). Both parents are still present, thankfully, and the youngster seems to be doing well. Here they are yesterday evening, one parent on each side of the youngster:

We left box 3 with one adult rearing three youngsters, the partner having disappeared quite early on. Sadly this was too much for one bird to cope with and one of the young had obviously died whilst we were away. The other two seem to be doing well though, in fact we thought they probably would have already flown by the time we returned, but they are still here, with the single parent still caring for them.

Here they are yesterday afternoon while the parent is out feeding:

As far as we can tell, none of the other boxes have been visited by other swifts. We live in hope for next year!