Saturday 8 May 2021

Hooray! Cley Swifts in action again this year, with the return of one of the pair from Box 3 yesterday evening, that is the 7th May. Last year the first one came back to Box 3 on the 4th May, (as did a single bird to Box 1), so 3 days late this year. 

Hopefully its mate will join it shortly, but looking back to last year their two partners apparently didn’t turn up and Box 1 and Box 3 eventually got together in Box 3 and left Box 1 empty. Then on 23rd May a third bird turned up and went into Box 1 and then on the morning of the 26th May a second bird joined it. 

Last year the pair in Box 1 laid eggs which we had to keep replacing in the nest but they were abandoned so no chicks...we think this pair were young birds. The pair in Box 3 didn’t lay at all, the first time since we started getting swifts that we haven’t had any youngsters. We hope we shall have better luck with them this year. Here is the single bird in Box 3 last night:

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