Sunday 17 July 2016

Last night was a bit different, of the pair in box 2, only one of them roosted along with the swiftlets. And only one has visited during the day today, I don't know which one, or whether they are actually the two of them but taking turns. The nest was getting a little crowded, although there's still plenty of room in the box for two adults as well. Maybe one of them just wanted a bit of a break, a bit of peace and quiet from the kids!

The second pair also roosted again in box 3 and have been coming and going today, they are nest building in earnest, having brought in a number of feathers.  I hope they are not thinking of laying at this late stage, it would be sure to fail I would think. Perhaps theyr'e just 'playing house' in readiness for next year, let's hope so anyway. Here is a short video of them sticking down their newly brought in feathers:

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