Friday 15 July 2016

Last night box 3 pair roosted together for the first time, along with the family in box 2. Here is a short video of the pair in box 3 allopreening.


 Our young swifts in box 2 are  growing fast and when the weather's warm are left for most of the day on their own.

We wonder who will turn up tonight to roost? It's even more exciting than the Brexit shenanigans!  Here is a picture showing the swifts' view of the surroundings. Their nestboxes overlook the Cley Marshes Nature reserve.

I haven't mentioned the House Martins' nests so far.That's because there aren't any takers yet. Our nearest ones nest under the eaves of a house five doors away,  and have done for donkey's years and as far as I know, nowhere else in the village. We hope they might show some interest in our nests...eventually - surely they must be running out of space? As with the swifts, I guess we will just have to be ultra patient!

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