Wednesday 17 May 2017

17th May

Last night just the 'gang of three' (as we have always called them) swifts roosted, two in box 3 and one in box 2. Then this morning, two starlings were continuing their nest-building in box 4. Today has been rainy on and off, the swifts have been coming and going throughout the day, but at 3.45 when I checked the cameras I was delighted to see a second swift in box 2. It looked slightly nervous as if it hadn't been in that box before, but soon settled down with the resident swift and there was some mutual preening.... So we live in hope that box 2 has found a partner again!

As you can see below, taken this morning, the starling nest in box 4 is getting rather large, I think we might lose all camera view soon!

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