Monday 15 August 2016

All gone now.

Our parent bird returned to the nest that evening after the second swiftlet had departed. She stayed for just the one night, snuggled into the nest all on her own. Normally she's at the bottom, with the two swiftlets on top of her!

So, it's all over. All that's left is for me to get up a ladder, do a bit of exterior maintenance to the boxes (just a lick of exterior varnish over the exposed parts) and have a clean up of the inside of box 2 which is a total mess right now. Then it's close up the entrances with some gorilla tape for the winter to stop any sparrows or starlings making their homes in there next spring.

Cley Swifts will not update now until next May. So do visit us again around the 4th May hopefully to see who returns to us for next years's season!

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